Facebook's Photo-Sharing Moments App Now Supports Video Too

Image Courtesy http://www.theverge.com/

Facebook's Moments app was introduced last June as an easier way for people to share photos with their friends. Now a new update has widened Moments' scope, adding support for video, as well as pictures. The app — available on iOS and Android — scans through your smartphone's photo roll using facial recognition technology to spot photos of specific pals, allowing you to automatically tag them without arduous busywork, and making it easier for you to share them directly with the people included in the picture.

Moments has capitalized on Facebook's face recognition tech, but the new update doesn't bring the feature to videos — instead you'll need to manually add them to the slideshows the app creates from your pictures. Facebook has pushed Moments pretty hard so far, slotting advertising into users' News Feeds, and replacing its photo sync option on mobile with a link to the app. The company says this effort has paid off, driving more than 400 million photos to be shared between users since Moments' launch last year.

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