Do You Think Woocommerce Fits Your Business Expectations?

A handful of ecommerce sites have been developed since few years, but among them, Magento is the most recommended one. With the arrival of WooCommerce, Wordpress had its scratches filled up. It is such an ease to use and you can even unify your blog, brochure and an online store within a single system. This is beneficial for improving SEO, makes management easier and website development cost is reduced when compared to 2 separate solutions.

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Key to the sudden success of WooCommerce

It is explained clearly by Mark Forrester, the co-founder of Woo themes:
  1. A solid, reliable base platform was established for free and open to the developers who wish to contribute and develop their own extensions.
  2. A great team of passionate developers was developed who can democratize eCommerce just like Wordpress democratized publishing and who are tuned to community wants.
  3. The rapid-emerging Wordpress community has grabbed the opportunity to develop an excellent ecommerce center. Hundreds of extensions have been developed that holds ecommerce as a platform of choice.
These factors have been remarkable in the Wordpress history. The aftermath makes Wordpress the world’s leading CMS but now is the rival of Magento.

How capable is WooCommerce in reality?

Security and scalability are the two biggest concerns that most people have. These were the trending issues at WooConf and the industry experts presented insightful presentations.

Can WooCommerce scale?

WooCommerce comes with a better caching system and it scales very easily, as said by the CTO of Wordpress hosts Pagely, Joshua Eichron. Ample of server resources are consumed only when the clients make calls to the server and visit the non-cached pages. However, for this, you just need to upgrade your server hardware in proportion to the number of purchases that take place, so you can keep the hosting expenses in control.

Other plugins can possibly cause scaling problems. This is because they consume a good amount of resources. They can even prevent your pages from being cached. Thus, the limitations of scaling don’t lie in the amount of traffic or the number of transactions made. It is however stated by Eichron that WooCommerce is not the ideal solution for stores who have product in huge bulk. It gives satisfactory results for stores having products less than 100,000 products only. If products are above this, an alternative enterprise system is needed to be searched for. An advanced search of multiple products can make the database queries slow. This happens when the database structure is not planned carefully from the outset.

What about the WooCommerce security?

It is demonstrated that no system can be 100% secured. Still, WooCommerce is much secure like other equivalent systems in the market. The chances to add value to the businesses of the clients, along with eCommerce are becoming a trend.