Microsoft Planning To Release HoloLens Clicker Accessory To Improve Interactions With Holograms

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Microsoft HoloLens interaction model involves three key elements: Gaze, Gesture and Voice. Gaze – What you’re looking at, and how you target, Gesture – An “air-tap” gesture that HoloLens will recognize, and which allows you to drive selection, Voice – to control using voice commands. Gestures allows you to take action. Simply raise your hand with your index finger raised, and tap down with your index finger.

While gestures work great on HoloLens, it may become inconvenient for users to use them again and again over a short period of time. To fix this problem, Microsoft is planning to release a bluetooth clicker accessory that will help you in interacting with Holograms. The clicker accessory looks like the above. You have elastic finger loop to avoid it from slipping from your hands and you can charge this device via micro USB.

Microsoft is planning to release HoloLens development kits to developers in the next few months.

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