How Can You Make Checkout Process Less Boring For Your Customers?

Doing everything to ensure customers don’t flinch at the checkout process is nothing new. It goes without saying that making a checkout process worthy of ease and accessibility will definitely bring more profit to your ecommerce store. So if you want to become an ecommerce star in the market, you better start taking care of how customers really feel being and eventually crossing check out threshold.

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Think about your own experience. Would you like to rush to a store that displays more than enough, you need to make your final purchase? Customers are determined and confident about what they want. So in this state, treating them with the seemingly eternal checkout process will give them a hard time. They are not in some kind of tough spot where number of obstacles will add to their excitement.

Less is truly more: condense the checkout span

Global cart abandonment is hitting the peak level now and it has become the official prevalent concern in the market. Ecommerce market experts on their quest for cart solutions have discovered that congestion of too much clutter on customer’s way out can discourage them to take further action.

In a study by UPS, 20% of people said their main reason for basket abandonment was that the checkout process was too long and confusing.

Cart laden with merchandise is abandoned because there is a long wait down the line, boring and exasperating. Chuck out extra loads of information or even form requirements. Let buyers lounge through the checkout funnel; make it fun and enjoyable and concise.

Support excellence

Do you provide feel-good support to your customers? This is especially necessary when they have made up their mind about a product but just need a last-minute help. This is the best chance to increase conversion for your online store.

No matter how precisely you have prepared product description, there would always be something about the product you sell, or services you give, that can puzzle them. Ask them upfront by automatic pop up of the chat box. Discover their problem and offer solution that is tailored just to answer their questions rather than propose a sales pitch.

Install progress indicators

This is a crucial one having ability to be a king among different checkout solutions. So we will take you a little deeper. If you know where exactly you are going to stop to reach the final stage in your marathon, you will feel the sudden confident enthusiasm. Here comes the heroically solution: Progress indicators.

Using the progress indicators in a vivid design at a noticeable position on your checkout page will resolve the problem by informing them comfortable where they are in the process and how much patience they need, and for how long.

This is also beneficial to customers when they have little time to finish the whole business of purchase. They will continue their checkout journey in knowledge that they will reach the final finish line after a certain number of steps. This psychology is highly applicable in Progress indicators.

Don’t trigger the bombardment of ads

Are you still torturing your customers with sudden pop ups of the ads during their checkout process? This is a mammoth mistake. Filling their funnel path to product purchase will bring no glory to your business. Nobody would like to be attacked by annoying bombardment of ads that are irrelevant or won’t make sense to your customers. So purge those ads, and if you are into paid advertisement, make sure you checkout phase does not suffer.

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