4 Things Beginner Developers Should Take Into Consideration

No developer likes to hear a critical remark made on their work simply because the ego they have nurtured through all the hard work of coding won’t allow them to bear with it. This is because even the most industrious developers are likely to feel frustrated, which is fair seeing how much complex coding they have to undergo.  This sort of negative feelings can become dangerous to their work.

No Matter what scripting language a developer have expertise in. Be it PHP, DotNet, Java or any other language, developer’s work is prone to mistakes that are commonly found across the various web development languages used. We have dedicated this post to all those beginner developers who confront many hindrances pertaining to their ongoing mistakes.

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Neglect for the back-up plan

This can strike as a real debacle to any good developer. You can’t be that naïve not being careful to save all your work as a backup storage.  Even the experts in this field have learned not to make this mistake, of course, through their practical experiences. The automatic backup tool may help you, but you can’t risk not saving your hard work. You are accountable for what you do, so be prepared to face the hard tell off from your clients if you fail to back up your good work. Use Github for the safe backup of your coding and essential data. Your client won’t listen to any of your excuses in case disaster hits you; all they want is expected outcome.

Low confidence level

What keeps you up, spirited and inspired during the entire development process is your own confidence level. You need it most especially when you are toddling in the web development world. It is normal to be nervous; however, once you get the hold of it, you will realize that coding is just the matter of time and practice. It may appear complex to you in the beginning, but it won’t be like that forever.

Poor SEO standards

SEO is attributed mostly to the SEO specialists, or online marketing professionals with thorough knowledge about how to rank up the websites on SEO search results. Many of us also believe that content writers are the ones who should take it over, which is true to a certain extent. It’s always wise to work for the end results from the very start. So developers should focus on SEO the moment they begin to develop the web site. What they can do is execute the technical SEO methods that involve optimization, W3C verification, sitemap.xml and Meta description and Meta tags.

Not optimizing page load speed

Even if you have tested you internet for its efficient working, the real test is when a user comes to visit your site and experience improper page load speed. Due to high resolution images, or rich media content or bad Java scripting, your website suffers from high load time. Maximum page load time is expected to be up to 8-10 seconds, beyond which patience breaks.

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